Sunday, August 7, 2011

Candy Bar In A Jar

Loni Anderson's bedtime snack
For those of you who find this new blog kinda boring, feast your eyes on this!

Oh, stop  now, I'm talking about the delicious, nutritious Nutella!  I always thought this product was something health food nuts leaned toward. The only people I knew who used it shopped at places like The Co-op, Eureka Natural Foods or the new Healthy Humboldt store in Fortuna.  I steered clear of such a product because I assumed if the tofu and nutritional yeast crowd loved it, I wouldn't.  I have to say, it's not bad.  I was once told it was a healthy alternate to peanut butter. Ha!  I guess their marketing division has fooled many people as seen in this NPR report

Kate's foreign exchange student from France would stomp her feet and pout if the cupboard wasn't stocked with this European staple breakfast spread.  Essentially, it's a candy bar in a jar. Hmmm, I need to see if there is a Chunky bar in a jar spread available. 

Just so you know, I am writing this blurb about nasty foods, something near and dear to my plaque-encrusted heart, while Kate is away at her society ladies charity fundraising meeting .I have to sneak in my reports on of my love of gas station delicatessen delectables and other fine low-brow foods. Next food report: Whole Chicken In A Can?


Eel River Ernie said...

I used to know a guy from the hills that liked canned bread... imagine that!!!

The Editors said...

Spence...oh no you di'nt!

Ernie Branscomb said...

Yuuuck! (Bert Reynolds, not the Nutella")

I have Two peanut butter grinders on my kitchen counter. I was going to get only one, but I fell for the "But wait, order now and we'll double the offer" so I have two.

Anyway I love it (them) you can pour peanuts in one end and Peanut butter comes out the other. It's really kind of disgusting to watch it process something like that then eat it. It's best to fill the hopper, close your eyes, and when it sounds like it's done, you can open your eyes and; hey, peanut butter!

It's a fun machine! You can make cashew butter, almond butter, hazel butter etc. You add real butter, sugar, Nestlé chocolate, and it’s fun to get creative. I even tried to grind coffee with it, but coffee butter just doesn’t get it. It seems that my life is always being confined by some product’s short comings. But, if I send them back they say that they will give me back my entire purchase price, plus a free set of sham-wow wipes as a consolation prize.

Unfortunately the offer was only good for 30 days and it took 35 to get here. To bad, because I could really use some sham-wows right now, I have peanut butter all over the kitchen, and my wife if one of those kind of people that worries about everything. She thinks that if I try to clean up the mess that it will only get worse….

Nestléd beside the beautiful South Fork of the Eel river in Garberville
Yours very truly,
South Fork Ernie

Ernie Branscomb said...

Is anybody interested in buying an extra peanut butter grinder? No wait... apparently my wife says that we have two available. unfortunately the money back guarantee has expired

The Editors said...

Sorry Kate....the people speaketh. They love to hear about my past as a junk food connoisseur. Besides, it boosts the ratings. May I interest anyone in a Nutella Key Lime milkshake?

The Editors said...

Kate, I see we have been graced with the presence of the two Ernies of the Eel. Eel River Ernie, and South Fork Ernie from down the road apiece. Welcome gentlemen!

Eel River Ernie, did you know B&M's canned brown bread is good for catching suckers? South Fork Ernie taught me that trick. Get the kind with the raisins in it.


Eel River Ernie said...

Yeah, well, he (South Fork Ernie) is far enough south that they are probably a SaNapaNoma species of suckers that would eat dried grapes and canned bread. I am pretty sure that they migrated north with the squaw fish and are therefore pretty easy to catch if you marinate the canned bread and raisins in a quality chardonay.

Julie Timmons said...

I first ran into Nutella in Belgium some 20 years ago. When I saw it at Winco I bought it but it didn't seem as good. Imagination plays tricks on you. Congrats on your blog!

The Editors said...

Thanks for your comment and welcome to this neck of the woods, Julie.

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