Friday, September 30, 2011

Nectar of the Gods?

The hit beverage at the 2008 Blogger's Picnic was undoubtedly the Jones Green Apple Soda.  Described by Eric Kirk of SoHum Parlance as "crisp and refreshing", this particular brand of apple soda has become the choice soft drink of this writer.  That is, when I can find it.  It is rarely stocked in local stores, but I have found a supplier who keeps me satiated with this Nectar of the Gods.  Am I telling you, dear readers?  No way.  That's my secret stash.  

But, there I was in a Mexican grocery store in Fortuna when I found a brand new secret stash of a new crisp, clean, refreshing and applicous soft drink. It's Sidral Mundel Apple Soda from Mexico.   Since Fortuna's Apple Harvest Festival is coming up this weekend, I should think to shout the organizers would have placed a truckload order of this liquid sunshine to bequeath to the masses. Wait a minute, what am I saying???  Please forget I even mentioned it.

Oh, look over there...a butterfly!


Oh, Dear God......



Julie Timmons said...

I 'm hooked on San Pellegrino Limonata myself, unfortunately available at Costco.

The Editors said...

Julie....the Orange San Pellegrino isn't so bad either.

skippy said...

Battle of the Apple Sodas
Minutia One Doesn’t Really Need to Know thru Wikipedia

Jones Soda Company is based in Seattle, Washington and founded in 1986. In 2007, all of the company's products switched to cane sugar instead of using high fructose corn syrup. The company announced an $11.6 million loss due to attempted expansion into the canned-soda market against mass-produced Coca Cola and Pepsi. In 2010, the company announced a distribution deal with Wal-Mart and $10 million in financing.

To help break into the soft drink marketplace, Jones Soda pursued what it calls an "alternative distribution strategy" to attract consumer attention, selling soft drinks in venues such as clothing and music stores, tattoo parlors, book stores, restaurants, sporting equipment shops, Starbucks, etc. Although they come and go, Jones Soda has roughly 22 flavors—including green and red apple—as well as energy drinks, lip balms, soda pops, and carbonated candy.

For those who really, really love Jones soda, more minutiae are found here.

Sidral Mundet was first bottled in 1900 by Don Arturo Mundet, who produced the cider-flavored beverage. Basing Sidral Mundet on the "limonada" or "gaseosa" drinks that were popular in Mexico at the turn of the 20th Century, he utilized pasteurization keeping the drink sterile in the bottling process. The drink has been renowned in Mexico for its nourishing and hydrating abilities and has sometimes been used as a home remedy for stomach aches.

In 1988, Sidral Mundet was introduced to the US from Mexico and is available in two flavors: red apple and green apple. The soda uses natural apple juice and cane sugar in its formula.

For those who really, really love Sidral Mundet, few details are found here.

It's all good. Go easy on the Dutch Ovens, pizzas, crisps, nachos, and soda. Get the party going on and your apple mojo risin', Kate and Spence.