Monday, September 12, 2011

A Quiet Sunday Interrupted.

There we was mindin' our own business when we noticed all manner of police cars and uniformed cops along with practically every fire truck in town all parked up like something  big was going down in our fair little city.  All we was doing was trying to get back to our home and maybe watch a little football on TV.  Then we noticed the streets was all blocked off and we had to skirt around the back streets.   When we got there, the whole street was a parked up with cars all in our neighborhood.  Something big was a-goin' on for sure. Probably something to do with that widenin' of Richardson Grove and Santa Rosafyin' the county.

 So we parked a block away and scurried into our house.  What we saw was some kind of invasion of people we didn't know, probably not from around these parts and therefore we didn't trust, all dressed up in every manner of the colors red, white and blue.  Most were totin' red, white and blue flags with a bunch of stars on 'em.  We knew we had better bunker down in the house, coz the streets were being invaded with some kind of uprising.  Hearing on the TV news about rebellions in places like Libya and stuff, we armed ourselves and locked all of the doors and windows and kept the dogs close by. 

Then, it happened.  The main street was filled with cops and fire trucks and people walking down the street like rebels storming a dictator's palace.  Next, we heard speechifyin' and applause and then a real deadly silence. A quiet that lasted way too long.....Out of nowhere, a helicopter flew overhead and scared the bejesus out of us.....right above our heads.  It shook the house and made us huddle closer together.  Peering out the window, we seen guns being toted skyward and they let a volley of rounds go off and we counted 21 of them in three segments.  There were songs of patriotism, there were more speeches and we knew the whole dang town was bein' taken over by a bunch of people who must surely think different than us and take away our property rights.  We were scared for our lives.   Then, it was all over.  People returned to their lives and their own homes and the cops and the fire department returned to their jobs.  We were confused.  These people marching in the street, the cops and fire department, the red, white and blue colors.  Somehow, we know THEY are going to take over our freedoms and make us live under their RULE. 

Then, as we opened our eyes and looked around, THEY were actually US.  It was our neighbors, our townsmen, our community honoring our own fallen countrymen and countrywomen from an event that took place a decade ago in another part of our nation.  So, our paranoia was really only in our own minds.  Maybe we should be watching a little less television.

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