Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October is Cemetery Appreciation Month

Autumn's Resting Place

When the crisp October mornings arrive, sometimes we fail to realize this is Cemetery Appreciation Month.  The stores are all carrying orange this and brown that and of course Halloween items have been out since July, we swear.

The month of May seems like it should be the obvious month to recognize the cemeteries, especially with Memorial Day. The graveyards are nicely mowed, green in color and flowers are all in bloom around the flag poles.  It is such a sight to behold all of the gravesites decorated with American flags during that time.  And November, with Veteran's Day, as a recognition toward the men and women who served our nation in military service, would seem to be the month the memorial gardens would be celebrated. 

But, no, the National Sexton's Society and the Brotherhood of Pall Bearers both recognize October as Cemetery Appreciation Month.   Here at the offices of Above The Fold, we get that.  The crunch of the Autumn leaves under your feet, the brown, dry grass, the pine cones littered beneath the trees and the crows flitting here and there looking for handouts. 

There really should be more celebrations around the cemeteries at this time of year.  We wonder why there aren't more.  We'll look at the community calendars to see what the rest of the month holds.  Someone must be putting on somekind of shindig, somewhere.  We may have to run to Ray's to have a cake made for ourselves.  Wish we could share it with someone. 

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