Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Passing of Dave Banducci

There have been a series of losses that have greatly affected us here at Above The Fold.  The passing of Dave Banducci and the demise of the Humboldt Beacon.  We'll post on the Humboldt Beacon tomorrow.

Dave Banducci was a wonderful man, exemplary coach and outstanding dancer.  Dave was one of the very first people I met when I moved to the coast in January of 1979.  He was the College of the Redwood's women's basketball coach and I was the new camera operator for videotaping the "game films" for the coaches and teams to view back. Early on, he gave me praise for my camera abilities that carried me through my career.  Years later, he became a member of the Redwood Country Kickers country dance team.  Dancing was a passion with Dave.  And, he was extremely good at it going as far as winning competitions in couples dancing.  I have known Dave as a dancer for over 20 years. It was during this era of his life when I really became acquainted with him.  We held meaningful conversations on myriad of subjects throughout the years during breaks in the music when he went dancing with his friends.  Here was a competitive college football, basketball and swimming coach mingling with a wimpy, skinny musician in nightclubs packed with drunken cowboys and brazen cowgirls.  Very fun times.  One of my fondest memories of Dave happened when our band was playing at the Red Lion Motor Inn in Eureka.  He was there to dance with his friends.  At the same time, the football team for one of CR's arch rivals was staying at the same hotel.  The coaches for their team had come down to whet their whistles before retiring for the night to prepare for the next day's big game.  Dave and the rival head coach were eyeing each other all night.  I asked Dave, how competitive were teams toward each other when off the field.  He said, "Well, while their coaches are down here in the bar not minding the team in their rooms, I just sent a case of whiskey upstairs."  Delivered in the nonchalant, easy manner of Dave Banducci that line has had me laughing for years.    We will miss you on the dance floor, my friend.


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