Friday, January 13, 2012

Comeback Town U.S.A.

 The Editors spent a lovely day in Crescent City today.  Throughout the years, Crescent City has been referred to as "The Armpit" of the North Coast.  We completely disagree.  We believe the armpit moniker was hoisted upon the town in the heart of America's Wild Rivers Coast by it's neighbors to the south in Humboldt County.  The rivalries between the two counties have simmered for years. Even beyond high school sports.   
We find Crescent City a charming, affable, little getaway all wrapped in seaside splendor with ocean mist, bright blue waters, screeching gulls and really friendly business owners and residents.  So there!

Great restaurants, not so much. We can overlook that. Get off of Highway 101 and look around. The charm will sneak up on you. 

(Comeback Town U.S.A was coined by KPOD radio station owner, Bill Stamps, in 1964 following the devastating tidal wave that completely thrashed the town)


Anonymous said...

Actually, I do not believe Humboldters alone are responsible for this reputation. It has always had some rep for being "depressant city" but for me, it really came to deserve it more after the prison was built. It brought a whole dark element to the town as well as accentuated the strip mall mentality that tends to exist there (yeah, I know it exists everywhere. THAT'S the problem!).

But it's nice to know that it's coming back. I DO know that there are some good parts to that city.

Doug Brunell said...

I haven't been there more than a few times, but it has never really felt like anything special, though Ocean World (or whatever it is called) is amusing.

Anonymous said...

What is with using it's for its?