Monday, February 6, 2012

The Editors started Superbowl Sunday by attending the quarterly Flea Market at Redwood Acres in Eureka.  We agreed in advance to choose just one item to decorate the house.  When we arrived, we knew we had a formidable task at hand--Francessci Hall was packed.  You couldn't just stop to look at an item, you had to glance at the item and then place it in your mind as the crowd pushed you forward to the next table.  Spence loves advertising art (Campbell's soup and Hamms not so much) and Kate loves restaurant dinnerware with the logos of cafes emblazoned on the plate.  Sadly, we found neither.  But, we did find a stack of Melmac double-plates from the early 1960's with designs that looked like bowling alley art on them. And, we found part of a set of Western-themed plates and bowls made in England. The rope design that rimmed the bowl on top of the stack initially caught our eye but it was discovering the roping cowboy on plates beneath that sold us. Oh, and a vintage wire whisk.  Interestingly enough, Spence popped into an antique store in Fortuna later in the afternoon as he will often do on his Sunday walk. There he found a few items he had just observed at the Flea Market at half the price. WHAT???  Yep, we love to think of flea markets as the place to find great bargains on soon-to-be-antiques and all manner of knick-knackery.  Ha!  

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Becky R said...

Do you have a photo you can share of the Rodeo dinnerware?