Monday, February 20, 2012

Love American Style

We have found ourselves addicted to two television shows.  Love American Style and The Sopranos.  Mind you, neither of these shows are currently in production, but can be found either in re-runs or by renting the season episodes at Spotlight Video in Fortuna.

Love American Style tickles us because of seeing the old network actors appearing as special guests. Joanne Worley, Ronnie Shell, Phyllis Diller, Paul Lynde and Bernadette Peters all had recurring roles.

The Sopranos, on the other hand, takes place in Northern New Jersey, with its rich Italian heritage, something Kate knows first hand about as she lived there during the show's production years.  Often times, the serving of foods like sausage and peppers, manicotti and Sicilian cannoli have us drooling and running to Safeway to search for any and all manner of Italian delicacies which fail in comparison to the authentic East Coast versions, but make for wonderful snacks for watching the antics of Tony, Carmella, Uncle Junior, Silvino, Ma and the rest of the capos and goomahs.


Fred Mangels said...

I thought The Love Boat was along the same lines of Love American Style.

Becky R said...

LAS was the trend setter and ahead of its time. Not sure that's a great thing, but a thing nonetheless.

The Editors said...

Big Difference....The Love Boat theme was sang by Jack Jones and Love, American Style was sang by The Cowsills.


The Editors said...

Was "sang" by Jack Jones? I'm so glad you put YOUR name to that!