Thursday, June 21, 2012

Occupy Moves To Fortuna

Now, you know how much I love Jones Green Apple Soda as seen in other posts here on Above The Fold. (I love it almost as much as nacho cheese and canned B&M's Brown Bread)  I don't drink that many bottles of Jones Soda per year, perhaps one or two, if that many.  But, I do love the packaging of Jones Soda products.  They use photographs sent in by fans and yes, I have tried several times to get my nifty snapshots included on a bottle or two.

 A friend, whom I don't dare mention by name on this blog, has been gifting me over the years with specially designed packages of the brew which I proudly display around my office and the residency of Kate and Spence.  Rick St. Chuck....(Doh!).....went WAY into overtime creating something spectularly special this time.  He created a collectors edition Kate & Spence set of four Jones Green Apple Soda bottles in an accompanying 4-pak container.   It was both hilarious and enduring.   I tried for hours to download photographs from my cell phone into the computer to show you the illustrations, but the computer Gods are not playing fair.   Picture if you will:  The Al Hirschfeld illustration of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy emblazoned on a bottle of Jones Green Apple Soda.   Don't you just love it?

Alright.....I guess you have to have the kind of minds that, our fans....and I possess. 

Ok, so much for the self-serving blog post that will get absolutely no comments and very few pageviews.

Oh, look is that Mark Lovelace, Estelle Fennell and Virginia Bass meeting together in the Cher-Ae Heights Casino snack bar to discuss a Fox Farm soil amendment facility being built on Humboldt Bay?   They're obviously violating the Ralph M. Brown Act!!!!!!!      

The Editors of Above The Fold would like to thank the Humboldt Herald for being our largest link to the outside world with a commanding lead over The Humboldt Sentinal, Ernie's Place and SamoaSoftball in pass-thru views.    


UPDATE:   Found photos of previous Special Collectors Edition Jones Apple Soda bottles sent from an avid reader of Above The Fold.

Kate:  Oh, dear should try sharing an address with this man!

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saintchuck said...

Well, somebody has to comment on this so I'll quote Elaine from "Seinfeld": "You are soooooo good-lookin'!"