Friday, July 13, 2012

Kate:   Spence, it's time to come inside and stop playing with the green things, dear.


Fred Mangels said...

I guess from the looks of the fruit and flower it's some kind of squash.

The Editors said...

That's what we're thinking, too. Could be yellow crookneck, could be zucchini, but without the summer heat, these plants may not bear fruit. So to speak.

Fred Mangels said...

I'm not sure about other types of squash but zucchini is usually very productive up here even in cooler weather. We have two zucchini plants and they're doing ok but not putting on as much fruit as we're used to.

Hard for me to tell looking at the photo, but if it's zucchini you can tell as soon as the fruit forms. It looks just like a teeny zucchini.