Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Fair To Remember -- Glimpses from Opening Day of the 2011 Humboldt County Fair

Queen Mer-tato
Coming to YOUR neighborhood soon

No shirt, no shoes, no shit

A Romantic Dinner For Two

Is that a Leisure Suit Hot Dog?


Fair Well said...

And we're off. It was a great start to the 2011 Fair. Am busy handicapping the ponies as we speak.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to get an old "fashion" hot dog...make mine with a mullet!

Bolithio said...

In case you are tempted, dont eat the 1/4 chunk of deep fried bacon. It will destroy your, well just trust me with this one.

The Editors said...

Bolithio, welcome! Funny, we were just in a discussion about Deep Friend Butter at Iowa County Fairs with a friend.

Decline to State said...

I'm delighted to see your coverage of the fair included the much ignored but delightfully wonderful "Decorated Potato" competition. Well played!

The Editors said...

welcome to our part of the world, Declined To State! Thanks for reading. Yep, how could you not report on the Spuds.