Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Join us at the Humboldt County Fair

The definition of a community according to is;      a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.
In your opinion, does that definition represent the people of this place often refered to as the "Humboldt Nation"?  Arcata is as different to Fortuna as McKinleyville is to Garberville.   

So, let's look at the mission statement of the Humboldt County Fair:    The Humboldt County Fair Association provides educational, entertainment and recreational opportunities for the general public while preserving and promoting the agricultural heritage of California's North Coast by showcasing the talents, interests, character and achievements of the residents of Humboldt County.  

When we attend the Humboldt County Fair, we don't necessarily see the entire cultural and heritage mix that really represents Humboldt County.   Why do YOU think that is? 

We're attending the Humboldt County Fair, are you? 

Thanks Joel Mielke for the use of the perfectly right on cartoon.


Yee Haw said...

Of COURSE I'm attending the Fair! It's a melting pot of communities that come together once a year...each for their own reasons. I like the horse racing,livestock and judged art show. And kettle corn.

Anonymous said...

Love the graphic Joel.

Joel Mielke said...

Hey thanks! The best thing about the fair for me is 4H (I grew up in a suburb and missed out on all of that). Those snappy-looking young folks with their immaculately cared-for livestock are really impressive.

skippy said...

We'll be there. Saturday. We'll also use this as an excuse to have a really fun Summer day. How? We'll fill you in. You can come too! The more the merrier. You're invited. Come on along!

We're combining the Fair with a side trip seeing Petrolia friends, folk, and the festival during their Mattole Midsummer Festival on Saturday.

What a great day. A bit of the Ferndale haps mixed in with the awfully fun and friendly Petrolia sunny bunch towards the late afternoon. If you haven't rolled in Petrolia, well, you haven't rocked in Humboldt. Those folks have fun-- maybe even way toooo much fun. Way!

We're looking forward to both the fine Fair and Festival this Saturday.

It's gonna be a good and long Summer day.

(Nice graphic, Joel... and also to Mr. Hirschfeld, too)