Monday, August 1, 2011

Film at 11?

There is a wonderful story on the Humboldt  County Transistional Age Youth Collaborative in the Times-Standard on young people creating videos/digital stories to tell about their lives.

I was taken by the use of the phrase "digital stories" in the article.
I use the catch-all word "film" to describe the process of capturing moving images into a storage medium for later presentation.  Film is a celluloid storage device that while still being used in small circles (and getting smaller each week) is a common term used by countless people as the act of pushing the start button on a moving images capturing device.   I say, "I am going to "film" my nephew's baseball game on my video camera. While I use the term "shoot" just as often, I get funny looks from people who don't understand that film and television industry word's usage.  I say it's just easier to use the common vernacular to "film" something than it is to correct the improper term.   It kind of all boils down to using nouns as verbs, really,  Think of the term "texting".


That's not it at all. Saying you are going to "film" is just plain wrong, unless you are using a film camera. You are taping or recording an event otherwise. It would be like saying, "I flew to Los Angeles" when I actually drove my car. It's one thing when a lay person says it...I just tsk tsk and try to let it go...but what truly drives me up the wall is when people in the BUSINESS say it...and they DO.  I was corrected when I used the term "film" instead of "tape" in the summer of 1980 while interning at a television station in Portland.  And while I have never worked directly in the television business, I have never (never say never?) misused the term since.  Are you listening Channel 3? You will not be sending a film crew to cover a story and there will be no film at 11.

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