Monday, August 15, 2011

The Redistricting Shuffle

Will Forestville and Wildwood remain in the same voting district as Dogtown?  Will Jackass Flats be voting alongside Rosewood? Will Scottsville become voting brethren with Bucksport?  History has changed greatly for these former towns in Humboldt County. History is about to change again for the voters of these regions.

A much larger question is whether our current county supervisors will come to an agreement on the proposed redistricting plans? If they can't agree by November, the decision falls upon the redistricting committee comprised of Carolyn Crnich, Mike Downey, Mari Wilson and Paul Gallegos. 

Kate: My prediction is that the Supervisors, in fear of pissing off their constituents, will fail to come to an agreement and leave the redistricting decision to the committee.  That way the Supervisors don't have their fingerprints on what is sure to be an unpopular vote (no matter what plan is chosen)..  Let the committee take the heat...yeah, that's the ticket.

Spence:  Because, it's really not about what's best for the county, but what's best for the politics of the county.

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Anonymous said...

I don't want the Districts to change.