Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunday, Sunday...Er, actually Friday!

Be There!

The Monster X Truck show is coming to Redwood Acres tonight.   Kate is going to be out of town tonight attending one of her society ladies, do-gooder, service organization, curing the world of medical and educational ills kind of deals.  I may just sneak into Redwood Acres,  plunk down my $20 bucks and get my fully-blown Redneck on.  As much scoffing as there is bound to be over the environmentally destructive, testosterone-fueled, crotch-tingling, noise-polluting, metal-mashing mayhem from alternate transportation enthusiasts, tonight's display of low-brow monster truck wonder will absolutely pack the grandstands at the fairgrounds. 

Or maybe I'll attend Ferndale After Five with the wine-guzzling, art-gawking, hors d'oeuvre-noshing cultured hoi polloi instead.   During fair week, I expect this event also to be very well attended. 

Hmmmm, whatever event I choose, Kate is sure to be quite jealous. 

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying your posts ~ keep 'em comin'!