Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Humboldt State University Lumberjacks football team's home opener against Central Washington is being televised nationally via the CBS College Sports Network on Thursday, September 8th at 5pm.   In addition to chevre, redwood trees, curly hair products and marijuana, here's another Made in Humboldt product receiving national attention. This would be a great reason to go help pack the stands to show support for our local team.

Kate: Another football team sporting green and yellow will be making a national appearance in their season opener in a few weeks.  The Oregon Ducks (#3), of the new PAC 12, are playing the Tigers of LSU (#4).  The last time I watched the Ducks play LSU on national tv (2003?) they sported their brand new head-to-toe highlighter yellow Nike uniforms.  I'll be watching just to see what fashion statement they will be making this year.  GO DUCKS!

Spence:  ...Newcomer

Kate:  But, I watched that game in Scotia!


Tapperass said...

Of course being on national TV means some revenue for HSU. College sports, well Football and Men's Basketball are BIG business for the bigger schools. University of Texas has its own Sports Network now for Heaven's sake.

The channel that HSU will be televised on is a 3rd tier cable channel, but it is still very cool. The country's appetite for college football has exploded. Perhaps if HSU athletics dares, they might try to move up to Division I in the NCAA. Being in Division II has only limited opportunity for national exposure.

That being said, I do expect to see the HSU Men's basketball team next spring on national TV playing for the Division II national title.

The Editors said...

3rd tier cable or not, Hell fire! Just to see the bigtime television cameras in the stands at Redwood Bowl are as good as it gets.