Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Cat Man

Behind the former Curley's/Parlato's Restaurant in Fortuna live 15 cats.  Living among the briars and the brambles, they actually live the life of luxury.  We had a chance to talk with their caretaker the other morning as he was making his rounds feeding each of them in their little rain shelters he built for them out of cutting trash cans in half.  To disguise the shelters, he painted them in camouflage and put up little duck blind netting.   He told us each of the feral cats has beenlive-trapped, spayed and neutered.  During the operation of the restaurant, the kitchen staff would give them treats throughout the day.  Because the restaurant is closed, it's up to their caretaker to come everyday to tend to their needs.   He had names for each of them, including Mamma Cat and the Alpha Cat who ruled the roost by swatting other cats away from his food dish.  There was one bold cat who would come to the door of the restaurant while we were Jazzercising inside.  He said, "oh yeah, the black and white one with the mask on his face."   He definitely knew every cat and their personalities. This is the kind of quiet volunteerism we enjoy seeing in and around The Friendly City.

Now in Gold Beach, someone has built luxurious accommodations for the stray cats along the riverfront. But we have to ask, do cats really know the difference between camouflaged trash can shelters and the Condos On The Rogue seen below?

 Kate: This older, retired gentleman seemed "normal" and caring. Had it been a woman, would we have thought she was a typical obsessed "crazy" cat lady?

Gold Beach Cat Houses

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Becky R said...

I'll have to look for the cat houses the next time I'm up that way. I've never noticed them before.