Sunday, December 18, 2011

Service Beyond "May I Help You?"

We would like to give props to our local shopkeepers, service providers and restaurateurs who treat us with wonderful holiday cheer as we navigate through our Christmas obligations.  In a recent list on Huffington Post, good customer service was ranked as one of the most important everyday elements that make us happy.

Because times are tough, we are not going to bash those scrooges who can't even get it together to formulate a smile.  
So, here's to you our favorite customer service folks. (In no particular order)

Strehl's Family Shoes.  (Who else measures your feet?)
Ring's Pharmacy in Ferndale
Kidlicious at Strong's Creek Plaza
Bed Bath & Beyond
(Disclaimer: Kate is a previous Employee of the Month)
Caravan of Dreams in Arcata
The Hair Port in Henderson Center
Green's Pharmacy in Fortuna
Hummel Tire & Wheel in Fortuna
Scotia Inn Pub
Signature Coffee in Garberville
Umpqua Bank in Fortuna
Fortuna Music Mart
Target (Yes, Target!)
Loleta Bakery
Dave's Union 76 in Fortuna
(They actually check your oil and tire pressure!)
Tiara Lachelle Skin Care in Fortuna
See's Candy in Fortuna
Velluntini's in Henderson Center (Hi Mary!)

Those are our favorites.  Please offer your choices.                   Bashing comments will be removed.
(And, yes we ARE Fortuna-centric.  Ha!  Live with it!)


A. Friend said...

How about The Fortuna Library, Sparky's Pet Sitting and Scrapper's Edge,

Becky R said...

Jitter Bean (not too over chatty, just right), NYLEX, and Redwood Capital Bank...just sayin'

Spence said...

Oooh, NYLEX...Good Choice! We agree.

Bolithio said...

Jitter Bean; second