Friday, December 16, 2011

We're This Close!

Are you aware polio will be gone from the Earth in our lifetime?

Thanks to the efforts of  Rotary International, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization,  polio will no longer cause children to become crippled by this tenacious disease. And, we're winning the fight.  Only four countries--India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afganistan report children becoming affected each year.  But, the new cases are extremely low. Only a few hundred new cases last year. Period.  Out of 7 billion people, that's remarkable.  All due to getting children immunized in cities, towns and villages in the most remote corners of these endemic countries.

On New Year's Day in Fortuna, scores of walkers will descend upon Rohner Park for the annual From Day One Walk to Eradicate Polio.  Sponsored by the Fortuna Sunrise Rotary, From Day One is a local fundraising and awareness event aimed at contributing to this worldwide cause.  Here is a true instance of Think Globally, Act Locally. 

Join us at 9am on New Year's Day at Rohner Park in Fortuna for this great little event. It's only $10 per person, $25 for a family of four.    It's an easy 1.5 mile trek through the streets of Fortuna ending back at the park for a soul-warming pancake breakfast prepared by the Rotarians. You'll be back home in time for all of the New Year's Day NFL games.


Ernie Branscomb said...

Thank-You editors!
Having been raised in the era of the polio epidemic, I have had classmates die from polio.

One classmate That got polio was in the fourth grade with me. He was the best baseball player on our team. One day our teacher came into the classroom in tears and told us that "Bill (not name) had gotten polio and that we should pray for him" because it was a dread disease. It was a year later before I saw Bill again. He came back to school puffy and pale with braces on both legs. He walked with crutches, and never played baseball again. I still see him every year at the town baseball game as a spectator.

I'm not much good at prayer, but I have consistantly donated to the Rotary Club's Polio Plus program, it seems to be working.

Anonymous said...

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