Monday, December 26, 2011

Snowman or Santa?

Spence and I are a good test case for the idea that people are often one way or the other...either cat people (Spence) or dog people (me); like to cook (Spence) or would rather not (me); tea drinkers (Spence) or coffee drinkers (me).  (Thankfully, neither of us are "campers.")

There's another category to add to that list..."snowman" person or "santa" person.

I like to shop for new Christmas decorations during the "day after Christmas" sales (it's a perfect time because they are a bargain and I'm still in the holiday mood).  Today while participating in the second busiest shopping day of the year, I found two similar table decorations that I was considering for my featured a Santa putting a star on a cone-shaped tree and one featured a snowman putting a star on a triangular tree.  I knew which one I liked, but I asked Spence to give his opinion.  He said "snowman." I, of course, liked the Santa.  My eye has gone automatically to everything "Santa" the past few years.  His, Spence admits, has been favoring snowmen. Tough choice for a Santa fan.

This year, I picked the snowman.

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