Friday, March 2, 2012

It's The Decorum They're Ignorin'

Thanks to Richard Leaman for organizing the Fortuna Congressional Candidate Forum at the high school on Thursday evening. (No small feat)  The audience turnout was quite good.  All nine candidates weighed in on a series of questions pertaining to job creation, education, health care and taxes.  There was quite a bit of marijuana posturing from many of the candidates which was probably to be expected.  But, what we came away with was how each candidate presented themselves as our future representative.  There IS a decorum to the congressional office.  There IS a certain manner that is expected from legislators serving in Washington D.C. It's required in order to get things done. (Remember the scolding Dan Hamburg received for wearing polo shirts in congressional session)
Out of the the nine candidates at the forum, we believe only three are truly up to the job. Susan Adams, Jared Huffman and Norman Soloman.  They seemed to be the most studied and prepared candidates who understand the role.  We must remember the 2nd Congressional District runs from Marin County to the Oregon Border.  That's a lot of different folks to represent with different ideals and lifestyles.   

As an aside, Kate wanted to bring the affable John Lewallyn home for conversation and tea.  


Fred Mangels said...

Anybody but Huffman!

Kate said...

It makes me sad that Channel 3 uses the headline on their website that the forum was for District 1 candidates. I like Channel 3 and think their young reporters do a good job on a limited budget but they really should know it's the 2nd District. (There wasn't a mechanism to send them a note on their site to let them know.)

Fred Mangels said...

You have to remember the districts have changed because of the recent gerrymander. I can't remember whether we're in the 1st or 2nd district anymore, myself.

Anonymous said...

But the NEWS should know we are now the Second District.