Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's A Family Affair

Boy, oh boy, there has been great discussion in the Kate/Spence household about political party affiliation and whether a person is a "true Democrat" or "true Republican" and whether one can be a "moderate" in each of the parties.  Also, can you vote across party lines based upon the qualifications of the candidate or whether or not one must follow the endorsement of their party affiliation. Also, is Decline To State a wimpy way out? (Spence is a Decline To State voter while Kate is a "Fake-Moderate Democrat)  Thank you Humboldt Herald and Samoa Softball for this engaging topic.

But,, we want to talk about Buffy and Jody.  Part of our morning ritual is having coffee, reading the Times-Standard and watching Family Affair.  I never liked the show growing up probably because it wasn't quite a "boy" show.  The portrayal of orphans growing up in New York City being raised by their bachelor Uncle and his Gentleman's gentleman or butler/valet didn't fit my rough and tumble country boy ideals.   I was more into Rat Patrol and Wild Wild West than sissy girl shows.  Except, Sissy on Family Affair was quite cute.   Now, when I watch the show, I have a whole other outlook on the program.  I love the set decoration, the fashions and the misadventures those little tykes get into all to be saved by Uncle Bill and Mr. French.

All I can say is I want to date Uncle Bill (his women were so sophisticated and independent with great fashion taste) and have Mr. French live with me to look after all my needs (well, not ALL my needs).  I was shocked when I heard them mention that the Davis' lived at 600 E. 62nd Street...first, that's only a few blocks from where I lived and second, I didn't think the numbers went that high.  After googling the location, it's either FDR Drive or it's where the Animal Medical Center is now located (where I had to take my Boxer on a few emergency visits).  By the way, a trivia site for FA lists the Davis residence on 5th Avenue...that is INCORRECT.

One more thing, they keep running an ad during that time for blackberry plants and how you will be able to grow hundreds of berries in your own back yard.  Are you kidding me?  I keep imagining poor some unsuspecting person ordering the "plants" and having them take over their yard, their neighbor's yard and so on into infinity.  I've never seen that air on any other show.  (p.s. FA does NOT conflict with our Married With Children viewing times.)

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Fred Mangels said...

...I was more into Rat Patrol and Wild Wild West....

You and me, both, although I did watch Family Affair fairly often.

As far as blackberries go, I never saw the commercials. The first time I ever saw any was after I moved up here from Southern CA and I thought they were so neat. We ate blackberries with breakfast all the time back then.

Now, after having lived up here nearly 40 years, I hate them. They're a nuisance weed, as far as I'm concerned.