Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Alive!

It started as the beginnings of a whimsy garden with found art items placed among the raised flower beds.  everything was going along fine when this occurred:

What in the Hell is that green thing devouring our garden filled with art.  It's a monster and it will not stop growing.  We didn't plant them. They appeared out of nowhere and threaten to spoil our non-vegetation outdoor art display.  But, rather than kill them, we're going to watch them.  If they produce a bounty of edible items, we'll celebrate.   

What is it?  Cucumber?  Zuccini? Cantaloupe? Pumpkin?


Fred Mangels said...

Maybe some kind of squash. The leaves don't look quite the same as on our zucchini, but close. If it starts turning into a vine then it's probably a something else. A pumpkin, perhaps?

Fred Mangels said...

Also, if that thing keeps growing upright, hollyhock leaves look kinda like that and and often grow in the same place over and over.