Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pony-tailed Professionals

There is a quiet, almost underground, collection of Southern Humboldt residents going about their business to better the communities of Garberville, Redway and the surrounding area.  They are the Garberville Rotary Club.   One of the warmest collection of civic leaders we've met.  If you have a perception that Rotary is a stodgy group of old businessmen patting each other on the back, your perception is unfounded.  This club truly represents the mix of residents from SoHum. From 5th generation old-timers to recently relocated young business upstarts.   And, probably the largest collection of pony-tailed professionals you'll ever find.   We plaud their efforts as they quietly focus on making the world around them a better place.  Nice, nice people.   A nod to out-going president Karyn Lee-Thomas for a job well done, not only completing her term, but stepping up to complete Syd Lehman's term when he became too ill to finish his year as president.   


Kym said...

Well said. I've been there a couple times and have been very kindly treated by everyone.

Karyn was especially warm and welcoming.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Not to change the subject, but; There used to be a blogger by the Name of "Ekovox" that would be interested in the following link. If you see him would you tell him to be sure and read the comments.

McCartney's bass guitar

Ekovox said...

Yep....That Hofner bass that used to belong to Sir Paul is hanging in my garage now....I had to sell the Ferrari to pay for the $64,000 bid. But, I've actually paid more for gift baskets in silent auctions at Rotary events. You know, I'm doing what I can.


Doug Brunell said...

I must say, I am not a fan of Southern Humboldt, but I have heard nothing but good about the Rotary there.