Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pacoquito and Pop Rocks


I like to give gifts to the new foreign exchange students of candy they may not have tried from their home country.  I've always succeed with the introduction of Pop Rocks candy.  It's always a hit, especially with the boys.  Although, Miley's sister and friend from France got a big kick out of it, too.  They just love that surprise explosion.  And, then the boys try putting the whole pack in their mouths.  Ah, boys.

When Pedro arrived from Brazil the other day , he brought some gifts to his new parents.  We both received a pair of flip-flops, very common footwear in Pedro's city of Campinas.  He also brought Kate a very beautiful sarong from Brazil.  And then, he brought out the Brazilian candies.  There were packages of Bis (chocolate cookie wafers) Sonho de Valsa (traditional cashew-filled chocolate bon-bon) and my new favorite candy, Pacoquito (peanut butter candy)  Pacoquito is very much like the filling of a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.  Except with out the outer chocolate.  Pedro says it's his father's favorite.  Well, it is now his American host father's favorite, too. 

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