Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vote For Pedro!

Pedro's first week at school.  He's adjusting just fine.  He has new American Facebook friends, is meeting all kinds of new students and has joined the soccer team.  Even though tennis is his main sport, he's keeping fit and involving himself in this typical American sport.  (Yeah, typical since 1984)

Students from Brazil, Germany, Italy and Chile
We hosted a Meet and Greet for Pedro last week which was quite well attended including three other exchange students from Eureka pictured here.

 He's been river rafting, went to see the action-packed Expendables movie and has been regularly treated like Brazilian royalty by friends of his American host parents.  We won't let him rest, that's our plan.


Kate said...

He is adorable.

Doug Brunell said...

There is royalty in Brazil?

Spence said...

Brazil had a long line of Imperical leaders going back to Pedro I, Brazil's first King. In 1889, that all changed with a military coup.

Bubba Massingill said...

He is adorable.