Monday, August 6, 2012

You Can't Miss with The Swiss!

In preparation for our Brazilian exchange student, Pedro, we took Spence's mother to the Swiss Hall for the Swiss Independence Day celebration.  We felt it would behoove us to get as much international flavor into our schedules as we could fit.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  

We sat with two lovely cousins. One who was born in Ferndale and now lives in Switzerland and the other  was born in Switzerland and now lives in Ferndale.  Their fathers were  bakers in the Eel River Valley many, many years ago.   The Swiss Hall really is a delightful place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.  All manner of Swiss/Italian, Swiss/German and Swiss/French people all sharing lunch followed by dancing to accordion music by Lindy Mantova.   Lindy really is the Baron of the Beatrice Accordian.   Watch the video:

Times Standard Story with Video

Kate:  Hey, wait a minute, didn't you write about this LAST year?


Fred Mangels said...

You'll also want to go to this archery even in Fortuna next Sunday:

Kate said...

How cool is that??? Spence, let's go for sure...I've never been to an archery event.
Hey Fred, you aren't kidding are you? Because I'm now remembering your comments about the Olympics. Have I been hoodwinked?

Fred Mangels said...

No, my friends, I am not kidding. Here at Zachary All, we have sixteen taylors in the back room....- Zappa, Eddie Are You Kidding

But seriously, I'm not. I just saw the ad on Craigslist and thought I'd spread the word. Might be a fun thing to watch or participate in.