Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All The News That Fits

Kate and I are information junkies. Note, I said information, not just "news"  Mornings in bed include the Times-Standard, Various TV network news channels and Kate's phone and laptop ablaze with updates on what's happening in the world.  She is tuned into to so many sources of information. Thoughout the day, we will email and text to each other different tidbits of information occuring locally and around the world.  We (and more Kate than I) have an insatiable desire to keep up on current information.  I'm a sucker for local newspapers and try to read as many weeklys as I can find when I get the chance.  Of course, there is so much information to be had, we only skim the very top of the news froth.

When we were first working on projects, Kate insisted that I get into the world of texting as a means of communication between us.  I was reluctant at first and then it just took off between us.  Soon, texting became an important part of our dating.  We rarely spoke on the phone, even to this day, unless we really want to nail something down or something is urgent.   Plus, we have no "home" phone.  With the proliferation of new communication devices, the information world as we knew it growing up is close to being gone.  For one thing, the kids are getting it.   How did our parents survive?


Kate: AAMOF, I do <3 txting...T@UL

What did she say???


Doug Brunell said...

I don't mind the texting too much, but it really bothers me when people start to use "gtk" and "btw" in their every day speech. I could do without that.

The Editors said...

Doug, good point! WTF?