Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eau de Pew

Our Brazilian foreign exchange student just completed homecoming week at Fortuna High.  It was a week-long foray into all of the shenanighans American students go through when celebrating that special time during football season.  There was dressing backwards day, pajama day and who-knows-what else that he didn't want to be embarrassed about by telling his host folks. 

 His big part was that of Senior cheerleader.  He practiced hard all week after school for the big Powder Puff game on Thursday night.  Kate and I attended the game for a bit to take photographs and take in the wonder.  As teenagers are ought to do, Pedro barely acknowledged us and would avert his eyes from our gaze.  No, his gaze was more on the 17-year old blondes cheering him on in the stands. 

Friday night was the night of the game.  His attention was toward the post-game dance rather than the actual football match.  When he came down stairs from getting all showered and shaved, the aroma that followed him could knock over an elephant.  He had doused himself in some sort of Latin man's cologne.  Surely, it's the same stuff that Fernando Lamas wore as he wooed the American ladies of his era.   It reminded me of getting into my father's bottle of Jade East and dousing it on my body for my own Senior Prom.  Or, was it Hai Karate.    No matter, Pedro stunk to high heaven.  And, that's a good thing.  We have an inkling the Fortuna High ladies swoon over our Latin son.  

Kate:  My allergies are so bad I can't smell anything, but still, Spence, your comments are a little Brute-al.  Must be a guy thing.

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