Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rivalry Revelry


This Saturday is the infamous rivalry game between the Fortuna Huskies and the Ferndale Wildcats.  This year, the pigskin contest will take place in the Cream City at 2pm.  Nothing says Autumn like the Ferndale-Fortuna Milk Can game.    This gridiron match-up has lasted for generations in the Eel River Valley.   This is as great a rivarly as .....the.......uh, the....New Bro....hmmm, no wait....Army vs.....uh, uh.....Notre Dame  and.....and......Oh, shoot......let's, Chicago Bears and that team from Wisconsin....Oh,  Kate dear.....can you help me out here?

(Note to Kate & Spence Fans:  Kate doesn't allow Spence to discuss sports at home because more times than not, he doesn't know his ass from a hole-in-the-ground on the topic.)

Kate:  Like Oregon/Oregon State (Civil War Game), Big Game (Cal/Stanford), Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, Yankees and everyone else.

For the record, Spence's only sports references are from 1985.  And yet somehow he manages to throw in a stat or name from that era no matter what the topic.  THAT'S why he's not allowed to talk sports at home.  A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.


Spence said...

Ahem...for the record, it's 1975.

And if I yell out "Fran Tarkenton!" and "Firestone Tournament of Champions in Akron, Ohio!" as the answer for any sports discussion, I believe I'm safe.

Kate said...

Oh yeah, right. 1975. Pete Rose! Jack Nicklaus!Tug McGraw! John Wooden! Well, you get the idea. Consider them yelled out :)

Spence said...

Oh yeah! Len Dawson, Lew Alcindor, Dave Kingman and Phil Esposito! With a little Dave Wottle, Rod Laver and Thrilla in Manila thrown in for good measure. So there!

Kate said...

Spence....what did we talk about?